Search Engine Optimization



Just as important as your website's design, is the process of making sure people are able to find your site. A great website is of little value unless people can find your site. The key to attracting new business to your website is through search engine optimization. SEO is one aspect of Internet Marketing. When potential, and current, customers use a Search Engine, you want your website to show up at the top of the resulting list for your business. This is particularily important if you have an e-commerce store. If customers don't know your store exists, online sales will be significantly impacted. Service oriented businesses are also significantly limited if the search engines won't direct potential clients to your services.

A search engine's function is to direct people to websites that meet their specific needs. When you are looking for something on the Internet, you go to your favorite search engine and type in the keywords describing what you are searching for on the Internet. Search engines get their information by crawling through all of the websites on the Internet and reading the information on the various web pages. This is why the design of the pages on your website is important to getting your business listed correctly. A good web design company takes this into consideration when developing your site.

As a part of our search engine optimization services, Quad Computing ensures your website meets all of the requirements for optimal search engine rankings utilizing best practices methods, submits your site to the top search engines, uses tools to track the traffic to your website, and follows up by monitoring how your site ranks in regard to your particular business.

If your site is not optimized effectively, your website may not show up in the first 10 or 15 result pages, let alone on the first page. Worse yet, you may not show up at all. Regardless, if you aren't on the first two pages, you will probably lose out on a lot of potential business. Our goal is to get you listed on the first page.

We will develop your website utilizing search-engine friendly best practices for search-engine optimization, which means your site will be more likely to be indexed by search engines and your search-engine rankings will improve.

You should place your web address on your business cards, display it in a visible location in your store or office, like the front door, and on every advertisment you place in a local paper, magazine, or coupon mailing.

The next step is getting affiliated businesses to put a link to your website on one of their web pages.

Contact Quad Computing today to find out where your web site ranks with the top search engines. We can run an analysis of your site and let you know how it ranks. If you don't show up in the top 10, we will discuss the various options available for improve your rankings.



SEO Services Available

* Install tracking software on your website
* Use good coding techniques to create site
* Submit the site to multiple search engines
* Submit the site to web safe vendors
* Monitor search engine rankings
* Fine tune the website to improve rankings
* Generate reports
* and more